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Zizia Botanicals Balms

Zizia Botanicals Balms

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Viper Balm: All natural moisturizing and spicy lip plumper. Doubles as a red lip stain, you can use it on the cheeks too! Made with cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon to promote blood flow to the lips! Pucker up.

Flower Balm: Dewy skin moisturizer for everyday radiance and protection A luscious, floral, and deeply hydrating balm for supple skin. Made with our proprietary blend of 11 leaves and flowers infused into a base of squalane and nutrient-dense oils for all-day protection and daily rejuvenation. Smooth fine lines and hydrate dry skin with deep, plant-powered nourishment. This flower balm locks in moisture and keeps you feeling radiant and protected all day long.

All Balm: Naturally soothes and moisturizes dry skin For whatever, wherever, whenever! Meet your herbal swiss army knife. This full-body salve is not your average goop. It’s got a reputation for rejuvenating chapped lips, quenching thirsty skin, and pepping up those tired under-eyes. And, oh no, it doesn’t stop there! Rub this on your hands, elbows, knees, and everywhere in between, you can also use this formula for tattoo aftercare.

Pet Balm: All natural moisturizer for paw, nose, and coat for cats + dogs. Moisturize your dogs paws to protect them from the elements and soothe dryness, perfect for the nose and any other dry patches.



Organic ingredients


Recylable aluminum tube

.67 oz/ 20 ml



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