pantry filled with cloud 9 clay's handmade ceramic bowls, mugs, and plate bowls with a cat

At Cloud 9 Clay, each small batch, limited edition, and one of a kind ceramic ware is handmade from concept to completion by Peyton Flynn in Philadelphia.

Created with a light heart and an open imagination, Cloud 9 Clay's experimental and ever evolving clay creations aim to brighten home & mood throughout one's daily rituals & routines. 

Cloud 9 Clay focuses primarily on wheel thrown stoneware forms, as well as patterned slabs, big sculptural vessels, and wood fired wonders.

Peyton has been working with clay since she was just 14 years old, and founded Cloud 9 Clay in 2018. Cloud 9 Clay's new retail space opened its doors in 2021, and has been both the biggest learning experience to date as well as a dream come true.

For Peyton, the creation process is grounding, centering, fluid, and pushes the boundaries of non-attachment and exploration both in the studio & beyond. 

 peyton and rez looking at a blue balloon surrounded by handmade ceramics