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Walasse Ting: Parrot Jungle

Walasse Ting: Parrot Jungle

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Chinese American artist Walasse Ting (1928–2010) defied formal categorization. His work fused the traditions of Chinese art with the rebellious spirit of the French avant-garde, and combined the joy of the Northern European CoBrA movement with the kinesthetic power of Abstract Expressionism. After moving to New York in 1957, this convergence was synthesized through Ting’s embrace of the dazzling neon hues and irreverent wit of American Pop art. Together, this aggregation created an inimitable approach to painting. Parrot Jungle reflects on the greater narrative of Ting’s abundant oeuvre. The Florida-based exhibition places special emphasis on the time Ting spent in the state and its inspiration on his most notable artworks, in which female figures with rainbow-colored flesh are surrounded by flora, fauna and a wild menagerie of animals.



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