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Oddly Specific Incense

Oddly Specific Incense

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Coastal Forest - Cultivate Curiosity. Nourish your natural spirit with the healing power of soft earthly forest smells. Touches of forest mist and warm sandalwood transport you to a calming coastal woodland.

Garden Party - Growth & Gratitude. Garden fruit after the rain. Refresh your senses with the invigorating power of sweet floral and warm garden air. Touches of floral air, garden fruit and subtle notes of licorice.
How to: Place incense into an incense burner or appropriate dish (away from anything that can catch fire). Light the end of the stick until small flame appears. Gently blow or wave until the flame has extinguished and a red ember tip has appeared. Let the stick burn by itself fully to release the natural burn time.

Please note: Japanese incense sticks are fragile and may break when handled too hardly. Please handle with care when lighting.




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