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Loam Candles

Loam Candles

Loam Candles

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Loam Candles is a small batch, handmade candle company based in Los Angeles, California. We craft scents that celebrate and honor the magic of a life lived in the garden and experienced outdoors. All Loam Candles are made with a blend of soy and coconut wax, cotton wicks and clean fragrances. Loam donates 5% of our profits to organizations that are working to advance food security and access, increase plant knowledge, and protect our environment.


Scent notes: lavender, grey sage, tobacco, leather, and bay leaf Bundles of shrubby branches. Fragrant and sticky hands. A kitchen filled with the freshness of the earth. Herb Bed brings home the magical woody and herbaceous scent of homegrown, newly harvested herbs. Airy lavender, hazy tobacco, and dry and herbal sage come together to form a relaxing and contemplative scent. The vibe: herbal, smoky, meditative, fresh, calming, warm 


Scent notes: tomato leaf, green fig, marigold and mandarin Freshly pruned tomato leaves, fig nectar warmed by the July sun, interplanted marigolds, a job well done. Vegetal greens and zingy fruits capture the animated and harmonious hum of a California community garden in full bloom. The vibe: green, fresh, bright, earthy, zesty 


Scent notes: hay, tobacco, vetiver, and patchouli For when the long days of summer come to an end and plant production begins to wind down. Warm, musky, and earthy, Harvest Basket is the scent to celebrate the growing season’s gifts. The vibe: leathery, earthy, deep, smoky



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