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The Qi

The Qi Floral Tasting Sampler

The Qi Floral Tasting Sampler

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Beautiful whole flower tea by The Qi. Floral tasting sampler including 3 tea bags, one chrysanthemum, one rose, one lotus. Sip and enjoy while taking in the sensory experience of delicate floral aroma and visual beauty of the flower unfurl and bloom again.

Great for:

  • When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.
  • Anytime when you need a moment of relaxation, inner calm and, nourishment.
  • To unwind after a long day in the evening for a better night of rest.
  • To share with a friend or loved one to connect and nourish.
  • Have it as a pairing to your fav snack.


+Wonderful Flower Antioxidants

+Naturally Caffeine Free

+No Artificial Ingredients & Flavors


Tasting Notes: Delicate fragrance with mild sweet flavors. Soothing and calming.


1x Chrysanthemum 

1x Rose 

1x Lotus 

Method: Pour near boiling hot water over flower. Keep flowers submerged for 3+ minutes the enjoy infusion. Refill water two more times.  



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