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Táche Pistachio Milk

Táche Pistachio Milk

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Táche is the first plant-based milk that puts deliciousness front and center- a little nutty, a little sweet, and wonderfully healthy. Unlike other milk alternatives, Táche velvety texture doesn’t have any added oils and foams when steamed. Enjoy all of the delightful flavor while staying light on carbs and calories. Plus, did you know the pistachio is the only nut that is a complete protein? Wins all around. 


A little bit nutty and a little bit sweet, Táche is a vegan plant-based milk made with real pistachios. Made without any added oils, our pistachio milk is light on calories and carbs, yet, big on flavor. With exceptional frothing abilities, Táche Original Blend was designed specifically to complement warm beverages like coffee, tea, and matcha but it also pairs well with cookies, oatmeal, chocolate, smoothies, and more. It's so delicious, we won’t tell anyone if you drink straight from the carton.
Vanilla Unsweetened: 
“A hint of vanilla, you say?” Yes. We do say. Not only that, it’s sugar-free so you can flaunt it around and revel in your delicious decision-making prowess. Made with real pistachios and no added oils—our vegan, plant-based Unsweetened Vanilla is an elevated twist on a modern classic. A renaissance in every cup, bowl, and carton. One sip of Unsweetened Vanilla Táche and you'll be reaching for it every time you brew coffee, blend a smoothie, whisk a matcha, steep tea, break off a piece of dark chocolate, sneak a midnight cookie, or want something delicious enough to drink on its own! 

*contains tree nuts
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